The Lebanese Association for Family Health “SALAMA”  seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals and to ensure the community development through the following objectives:

  • Gain Support of decision makers and champions to modify, approve and activate laws and develop national strategies related to SRHR issues.
  • Strengthen partnerships with non- governmental and private organizations, women and youth groups, and champions to advocate for SRHR.
  • Empower youth on comprehensive sexuality education CSE in order to fulfill their sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Increase awareness of community and individuals on SRHR issues, stressing on engaging champions, intellectuals and media.
  • Provide high quality SRH services, particularly to the marginalized and displaced people.
  • Enable SRH services especially to the marginalized and displaced people through other stakeholders.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the association and mobilize resources.
  • Expand the volunteers and activists base and enhance their capacities.