Aida Sabra

Biography Aida Sabra became a professional in acting, ballet and mime since in 1983. She taught acting, physical expression and mime at the Lebanese University from 1995 untill 2007. She is practicing her artistic career in acting, directing and training through intensive workshops concerning the abovementioned domains. Aida participated in the theatre of several great […]

Daniel s Daniel

Lebanese writer & Actor His first book “Selah” published in 2016 was very popular and was between Virgin Megastore Best Sellers in 2016. He participated in many TV commercial & Lebanese TV series “Sawa”, “Ayle 3a fared Mayle”, “Ouyoun el Amal” , “Man Houwa?” & “Mouhakamat kadi”.

Farah Bitar

Lebanese Actress, holds a bachelor degree in Radio, TV, Film and Theatre from the Lebanese American University (LAU). During University years, she was a member of the Lebanese Red Cross. She worked with LABAN an improvisational theatre group and with ERBET TENHAL a sarcastic comedy show on AlJadeed Tv. Her first feature film is “Vitamin […]

Nermine Sibai

Lawyer and legal researcher in the field of human rights and public freedoms. Her work is focused on the protection of socially and economically marginalized groups and those subject to discrimination. A legal adviser to several local and international non-governmental associations collaborating with them on issues related to the rights of refugees, migrant workers, LGBTs […]