Aida Sabra


Aida Sabra became a professional in acting, ballet and mime since in 1983.

She taught acting, physical expression and mime at the Lebanese University from 1995 untill 2007.

She is practicing her artistic career in acting, directing and training through intensive workshops concerning the abovementioned domains.

Aida participated in the theatre of several great directors.

She also writes and directs theatre work.

She has participated in several Arab theatre festivals.

She was nominated for the best actress award for her role in the monodrama “Halat Hobb” (English: State of Love) performed during the Cairo Festival for Experimental Theatre in 1997.

She performed in the play “Dictateur” which won the award of “Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi” for the best Arab theatre work for the year 2012 and that was held in Doha.

She participated in a number of TV series .

She taught theatre expression in Star Academy for two consecutive years 2004 and 2005.

In the cinema industry, she played a role in “Tale’ Nezel” (English: Up and down) a film of Mahmoud Hagig, the movie “Shatti Ya Deni” (English: Let it Rain) of Bahig Hagig, and “West Beirut” for Ziad al-Doueiri and others.


She is currently launching a series of videos on social media which constitutes an important event in the Arab world as well as abroad and addressed by all media. Some videos have reached over 1,000,000 views and are still being shared.